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Coca-Cola and Pepsi have always been at war with one another but around 1933 Coca-cola declined an opportunity to buy out its little rival Pepsi and Pepsi was taken over by Roger Enrico who brought in the music icon Michael Jackson to shake things up and sing Pepsi to success.

The war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi took place mainly over the media air waves. With the newspaper, radio and tv being put to good use in order to promote the sales of the two products. Pepsi was born in 1898 and Coke was born in1886 and its had its fair share of ups and downs as has coca-cola, for Pepsi went bankrupt twice one of these times was in the year 1931 but despite the fact it did go bankrupt for a second time it didn't lose its cool and battled on. Whilst coca-cola changed its recipe and brought out New Coke in 1985 which could have brought coca-cola to an end and diet coke was shelved quietly without media intervention in the year 1970. It was also thought that the products would sell even better if the famous faces of the media covered the advertisements that set out to boost profits. So in 1983 Michael Jackson was signed up to an advert deal with Pepsi and by 1984, the thrilling Michael Jackson adverts emerged.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are still on the market today and they continue to compete in sales of their drinks with their said primary concern to please their paying customers. They also continue to litter the media with adverts and there has also been concern in what affect the products have on their customers.

Over time both Pepsi and Coca-cola have had different people working to help the brands battle it out for a place on the shelves and make profits that many people would dream to get their hands on. For example, Pepsi's first bottling plant made by Caleb Bradham in 1905 and in 1963 Pepsi's president was Donald M. Kendall their rivals being people like Brian Dyson, who became president of coke USA in 1979 and Robert Goizueta who became chairman of the Coca-Cola company in 1981.

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