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In 1958, the famous and well established baseball club, the Dodgers moved from their traditional and original home of Brooklyn, New York City, to the West Coast. Specifically, Los Angeles, California.

Similarly, in 1958, the long-time rivals of the Dodgers, the New York Giants, moved to San Francisco, California. This was largely in order to continue the famous rivalry of the two teams.

The two teams in New York competed fiercely, and they were often the two best teams in the National League. Great players emerged from this rivalry, as the teams had to constantly recruit better and better teams to match each other. It also aroused a great interest in the sport in New York. The rivalry was very beneficial for baseball in many ways, but it was never really the same in California.

This move from California was very much a turning point for baseball. It gave the Yankees dominance of New York (and, often of all of baseball) in popularity, defused the long standing New York rivalry, and disgruntled millions of Dodgers and Giants fans in New York City. Now, only baseball old-timers will remember the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, fighting for dominance...

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