Owls - oh how we love them

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After having watched a recent episode of the much loved televisual phenomenon that is QI, it was brought to my attention that owls are not the creatures that we had first assumed they were.

They are in fact, or more correctly, the females of this species are in fact the most observant birds that I can think of. It also suggests that male owls provide just as much hindrance to the female owls as can be said for much of the human female population in their eternal struggle with their own male counterparts.

As it turns out, owls cannot actually say (or hoot?) "twitt twoo". It is actually physically impossible for them to do so. (Im not entirely sure why, but this was more of entry on irony, than it was on solid scientific fact, but anyhow...)

Only the females say "twitt"...
and then the male replies "twoo"

And the whole of the female owl population nods in agreement...

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