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As of 19/10/04...

Invasion of New-New-Grimsby

We have received classified information about the next Orange Trousers attack. The landing is planned on the town of New-New-Grimsby, and we are currently preparing to fend this off.

As of 08/03/04...

New Orange Trousers Found

BLT has successfully halted the recent invasion attempt by an Orange Trousers unit, and we should all thank him for this great effort. However, the Orange Trousers Research Team has found an Orange Trousers vessel near the outer ring of Saturn. No Orange Trousers were found in here, except for a recently deceased pair that were found by the door (and were, quite frankly, smelly). This suspicious activity was compounded by our knowledge that they are preparing for another invasion attempt by increasing their numbers...

Updates as soon as we receive further news...

As of 05/02/04...

Increase In Activity

We have reason to believe that there has been an increase in Orange Trouser activity. No-one knows why this increase has occured, but we do know that there are potenially catastrophic implications for us all. The Outrageous Orange Trousers from the 47th Dimension have gained control of a number of star systems near us, and we are currently trying to comprehend their strategy for this.


Our researchers did the best they could to try to contact these creatures and tell them to go back to what we would call their home. However, after this communication (which, incidentally, was broadcast in every human language), the trousers have turned hostile and are trying to invade our current set of dimensions. BLT is preparing to go on a mission to try to halt this invasion of malovent creatures.

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