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With Rockefeller serving as vice president to Ford he was to do as Ford wished. He rose to the position of vice president due to Ford. He was the 41st vice president the US had and was committed totally it seemed to the position he had achieved in life. Both parties that is to say the Republicans and Democrats applauded the fact that Rockefeller was made vice president.

The Senate approved the nomination of Rockefeller as vice president by a 90-7 vote on Dec 10th and the house vote was 287-128 in favour of Rockefeller, 66, was sworn in as the 41st vice president of the US in Dec 19. He swore an oath which president Ford witnessed and this event was televised from the Senate chamber Rockefeller assured the media on 20th and 21st there was a meeting about Rockefeller’s role in the Ford administration.

Rockefeller was also to serve as vice chairman of the Domestic Council and he took a special interest in dealing with the Domestic Council’s role in coordinating activities with governors and mayors. He was also to be chairman of the National Security Council and part of a special commission watching over foreign policy for implementation and improvement. Rockefeller also was to make a special study for Ford in order to aid recruiting top people for the bicentennial.

Hearings took place to see whether the notion that he came from a wealthy family was discussed as it was thought it could cause a problem. Sen C.Byrd (D.W.VA) led the challenge on the issue whether the Rockefeller money posed a problem of undue power for a vice president. He agreed on 24th sept with Sen Howard W.Cannon that there was nothing in sight that would endanger confirmation. However, Rockefeller was to disclose to the public his worth in buildings.

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