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its about time

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I.R. Brainiac

My own answer to this rediculous question was always 'the egg of course'.I had arrived at it thru simple logic(of course thats where I went wrong).Two near chickens produced an egg with a true chicken inside.(possibly due to improper incubation temperature or sunspots)

Your idea makes much more sense and is not paradoxical at all.Time lines being more or less perfectly linear(until disturbed by time traveling chickens).

You already established that they HAD done this.Just because they became incapable of accomplishing this effect again does not negate their previous\future? event.Time dosnt care about whats going to happen,only what has.It does however mean that they will never be able to go back and fix their mistake and I doubt anyone will do it for them...we would have to do without chicken mc'nuggets.

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its about time

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