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John Creasey also wrote 29 western books. Some were among my (Richard's) favorite Dad's books, and I have long wanted to see these adapted for the silver screen.

John Creasey as Tex Riley

Original TitleFirst British EditionFirst US editionUS Title if Different
Two Gun Girl1937N/AN/A
Rustler's Range1938N/AN/A
Gunsmoke Range1938N/AN/A
The Shooting Sheriff1939N/AN/A
Gunshot Mesa1939N/AN/A
Death Canyon1940N/AN/A
Masked Riders1940N/AN/A
Guns on the Range1942N/AN/A
Outlaw Hollow1942N/AN/A
Range Justince1943N/AN/A
Hidden Grange1946N/AN/A
Forgotton Range1947N/AN/A
Trigger Justice1947N/AN/A
Lynch Hollow1949N/AN/A

John Creasey as William K Reilly

Original TitleFirst British EditionFirst US editionUS Title if Different
Range War1939N/AN/A
Two Gun Texan1939N/AN/A
Gun Feud1940N/AN/A
Stolen Range1940N/AN/A
War on Lazy K1941N/AN/A
Outlaw's Vengeance1941N/AN/A
Guns Over Blue Lake1942N/AN/A
Riders of Dry Gulch1943N/AN/A
Long John Rides the Range1944N/AN/A
Miracle Range1945N/AN/A
Secret of the Range1946N/AN/A
Outlaw Guns1949N/AN/A
Range Vengeance1953N/AN/A

John Creasey as Ken Ranger

Original TitleFirst British EditionFirst US editionUS Title if Different
One Shot Marriott1938N/AN/A
Roaring Guns1939N/AN/A

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