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Although h2g2 is growing bigger by the day we still do not have a good definition for it.

When I started as a researcher about seven months ago, H2G2 seemed to be a very sophisticated chat-box. Things have sure changed since then.

During my researchership I have seen announcements of birth(congratulations Jim!), obituaries, announcements of first concerts as a supporting act, gettogethers, etcetera.

Oh and age is not an issue here, your behaviour is...

On a more personal note I might add that there are even people who found each other on the forums...

So I think it is high time that somebody said "THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!" to all the people who make h2g2 possible.

I take my hat of to you sirs and ladies. One of the first really digital communities... Let's hope it will last for a long time...


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Infinite Improbability Drive

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