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A popular device in Science Fiction is Divergent Timelines, where each time a decision is made branch occurs. So you wind up with multiple earths on diverging paths. One where the Germans win WWII, one where the Jews were wiped out by the Assyrians. It makes for an interesting story, the best are where you have to work out just what has happened. Even DNA uses this in HHGTTG, multiple earths, one where the yellow ships just left and everyone thought it was a hallucination (I never did get the bit about the dead CIA agent in the water works).

Now I want to turn the idea on it's head. Suppose multiple timelines converged? Some characters remember things happening one way, others a different way. It would only take two timelines to be confusing, more than three would be chaotic. It would be sort of a 'reverse-big-bang' of story lines.

Well, what do you think?

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