Bob Monkhouse (1928-2003)

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Robert(Bob)Alan Monkhouse was born on the 1st june 1928.
In the 1930,s he started writing jokes among his early gags were
"My father was ruined by hard drink,he sat on an icicle".
"Why does a cowboy bother to wear two spurs after all if one side of the horse goes,so will the other".
"I offered the barber a piece of my birthday cake he took two inches of the top"

But his first success was in having a cartoon printed in Mickey Mouse Weekly.
at the age of 14 he sold his first jokes to a comic called Frankie Higgins by waiting at the stage door a trick he repeated with Max Miller.

In 1941 he won second prize in a talent contest telling jokes and imitating Fred Gwyn.

In 1943 he started doing regular cartoons for Martin and Reid Ltd.This later led to writing novel for the troops of which he wrote about 30.

In 1946 he was called up he joined the RAF were he met is first wife Elizabeth he also met Denis Goodwin A writer and performer who became his partner.

In 1948 he made his first apearence on television in a show called New to you but his best early work was on radio in "Calling all Forces" and "The Forces show"
But it was TV that was to make Bob Monkhouse a family name for the next 50 years with He became the first comedian to be under exclusive contract by the BBC so he made a lot of guest appearences in variety shows until in 1954 he and Denis Goodwin did "fast and Loose" a sketch show with guest in which he shot Charlie Drake's ear but in true show bizz style the show went on until the curtain closed and Charlie past out(Charlie later thought he had dreamed this until Bob reminded him of it on this is you life)

The Bob Monkhouse show was just 2 specials done for ITV

He did the first carry on film Carry on Sergeant in 1958 followed by two dentist films "Dentist in the chair" and "Dentist on the job"

"The Bob Monkhouse hour" a series of 6 which would see the end of his partnership with Denis Goodwin who moved to the states to write for Bob Hope.

In "The big noise" Bob played the part of a top DJ called Bob Mason but despite an impressive guest list it only lasted one series.

"The Bob Monkhouse comedy" hour 4 one off shows done for Thames TV

"I'm Bob he's Dickie" saw Bob team up with Dickie Henderson for 3 shows

"Bonkers" was made in England but But only 4 episode were shown before the big strike which blacked out TV from 13 august till 24 october but 24 episodes were made an sold to syndication in america.

"The Bob Monkhouse show"*(1983-86)A stand up show in which guest were

In 1994 he did "An audience with Bob Monkhouse i will never forget whenhe turned to George best an said George when you were younger you had the greatest talent or all of us...tell me are you still seeing any of them.

Then in 1995 he did what was to be his last stand up series "Bob Monkhouse on the spot"

Bob Monkhouse was also a very good writer his autobiography crying with laughter was published in 1993.
A warts and all story of his life and loves its a very good read.

But i think most people will remember him for his game shows which include Do you trust your wife,For love or money,The golden shot,Quick on the draw,Celebrity squares,Family fortunes,Bob's full house,$64,000 question,Bob's your uncle,Gagtag,Monkhouse's memory masters and Wipeout.

*Second show with this title

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