Trials and Tribulations of the Slayers. The Final Chapter?

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Buffy ran over to Spike, He told her and the others to leave, Every second he was glowing brighter and brighter.
Buffy told the others to go. By this time the hellmouth was shaking and falling apart. The others fled for the bus waiting outside, Buffy stayed. She held Spikes hand tightly not wanting to let it go. His hand burst into flames. Spike told Buffy he could feel his soul burning inside of him. The locket was doing something. He was glowing brighter still. Buffy told him she loved him, he didn't believe her but thanked her
anyway and urged her to leave. She reluctently let go of his hand and ran. Spike shone like the sun and very soon burst into flames sacraficing his life heroically to save the world. Meanwhile Buffy was running jumping from roof top to roof top whilst Sunnydale collapsed behind her. She eventually jumped onto the roof of the bus and very quickly Sunnydale was nothing more than a huge hole in the ground. They had done it, With the help of Spike and Willow they had defeated the 1st evil and its followers. Minus Spike, a few slayers and Anya who had died in the battle. With a smile on there faces they knew The slayers would never be alone again.
So that's it for now. Who know's what happened next. We'll just have to guess. if/when the Talanted Joss Wheedon creates the next slayer adventures His devoted fans will be waiting.

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