The Trials and Tribulations of the Slayers part4

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Later on back at Buffy's house, potentials where getting bandaged and fixed up while Faith still lay un-concious. The mood unsettling. Buffy was curious of the axe she had taken, she had the strangest feeling it was meant for her. When Faith finally came to, Buffy presented the axe to her, Faith had the feeling it belonged to her too. There was a powerful feeling about the axe. Willow and Giles researched the axe on the internet and eventually found some information about it, which lead Buffy to a Godess, She told Buffy the axe had been created centuries ago for the chosen one. That it was powerful only to the chosen one just before she was killed by Caleb. Buffy fought with him but again, had to run as he was far to strong for her at this moment in time. She went back to the house and spoke to Spike.
she then decided it was time to go back and face Caleb if he was cautious of the axe then it must hold a lot of power. Caleb was waiting, ready and more powerful than ever as the 1st had gave him some of it's own power. There was an all out battle between Buffy and Caleb, Then out of no-where Angel turns up, So happy to see him Buffy gives him a long passionate kiss. Angel is so pleased at the warm welcome he recieves. He tells Buffy of this locket he has, it's meant to be worn by a champion of the people, a demon with a soul. He presumes he'll wear it, but Buffy doesn't agree. Just then Caleb gets back up and the fight between him and Buffy continues as Angel watches confidently. In the end Buffy makes a split decision and Caleb dies at the hands of Buffy and the might axe. Angel and Buffy go on talking, theres a whole cookie dough speach which gets quite sticky, as Angel is not best pleased that the love of his life had been sleeping the the so called Captain Paroxide who's also his sired son through Drusilla. ANgel gives Buffy the locket and the both part ways on good terms.
When Buffy gets back to the house, she gives the locket to Spike. He feels very hounored that she's given it to him, instead of Angel.
Time was running short, plans had to be made, the Slayers, potentials and Scoobies discussed what there next moves where going to be. If they where going to survive they where going to need Willow to be strong and use her magic to help. Still no-one knew what the locket was for, so it was all guess work for the moment.
It was finally time, The final battle, Slayers and potentials verses the 1st evil and millions of Turok-han in the mouth of hell. One chance to get it right or the world as we know it would be a distant memory in the minds of all demons.
Everyone set of to the high school basement, the home of the hell mouth.
Only a few stayed upstairs to kill anything that may come up. Willow and a potential Kennedy went to set up for a spell with the powerful axe. The others took there places to fight to the death if they had to. Buffy, Faith, Spike and the potentials went down into the hellmouth, overwhelmed by the carpet of Turok-han at the bottom. They where seriously out numbered. There only hope was the spell that Willow was just about to do. A spell that would make every potential in the world a chosen one, there would no longer be "a chosen one" there would be "The Chosen ones". Before Willow had even had a chance to peform the spell the Turok-han noticed them and before long there was a war of good against evil. There where a few deaths before "Oh my Godess!" Willow had peformed the spell and the power of Faith and Buffy was now the power of Many chosen. They where still seriously out numbered but now had a better chance of survival.
Spike started to glow. The battle was still going, Spike called for Buffy, who was almost killed by a Turok-han minutes before.

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