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Note: The first two entrys are written by a charictor known as the Doctor, the last by Alice. If you havn't read the first part too this it dosent matter but it will make more sence if you do

The 5th of June 2006

Alice is sitting watching me write this, just to make sure I do. I’ve no idea why I’m doing this. Apparently it will help me get through…everything. But what if I don’t want help? What if I just want to forget? Sometimes I wonder how humans manage, all that talking and noise, you never seem to just sit down for a second and think. Everything has to be argued over, debated and discussed, you never seem to just let anything go! You constantly torture yourself over things in the past that you can’t change.

Ok that might have been a bad place to start, my names the Doctor. Did I mention I’m an alien? Guess not.
You must be wondering why I’m sitting here writing all this and to tell you the truth so am I. I do my job, I get up every day and I save the world, it’s what I do, It’s what I’ll always do and nothings going to change that. Maybe because humanity is such a frustratingly fascinating species, your art and literature is filled with compassion and deep understanding yet you never stop fighting amongst yourselves to get up and save your own planet. So I have to.

I never used to be this bitter apparently. Sure I’ve changed over the last few months with all that’s happened, I was bound too, but I’d really rather not talk about that. Let’s talk about something else, like Alice.

I know she’d just use this as another example of me being difficult. She thinks I’m stubborn too. She doesn’t understand that there are things I don’t want to talk about. Like Grace. Alice asked me once why I chose her and I couldn’t say, trust me I wanted too but I couldn’t. I mean I originally chose her because she reminded me of a person I once knew called Grace. That would’ve gone nicely I’m sure.

Too tell you the truth Alice still does remind me of Grace, in a way. But I know she isn’t, Alice is such a...unique, yes that’s the word, unique person. I know what I should have said – because Alice your you, but people always seem to know what to say afterwards.

She thinks she’s ordinary, but she’s not – far from it. All her life she’s been told by people that individuals don’t matter, that she can’t do anything, But she can I know she can. From the second I met her I knew that nothing would ever be the same for either of us, because she’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. How odd that sounds, you'd think that she was just another person. You won’t believe how long I’ve lived or the people I’ve met but I’ve never run into another person like her.

I know you don’t know her, or me for that matter, but I suppose that’s a good thing.

The Doctor and Alice, Alice and the Doctor, whichever way you look at it were both so similar to you. You don’t know either of us, and you only have my word about Alice, and a little about me. I suppose it gives you an outside view on all of this, on our lives and on us.

It must seem like such a weird way too live, flitting from place too place, never quite settling. It does get tiring, never knowing where you’ll be next week, or the week after that, never knowing what’s going to happen. Despite that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ll tell you something – the real reason I chose Alice. It’s kind of because she reminded me of Grace, but also because she helps me forget. I really don’t want to go into this, I know I should, and that one day I’ll have too for the sake of my sanity but for now? No.

Not doing this any more, I quit.

The Nineteenth of September 2006

It’s so odd to have another person on board, but kind of nice too, the place seems livelier now! Her names Alice, and Yeh I know what you’re thinking, How do I know I picked the right person, and that she isn’t just like anyone else? To tell you the truth I don’t. I may be nine hundred years old but even I don’t know that. So many people have come and gone, humans are fickle creatures at the best of times – no offence. They tire so easily as well, not that I blame them, I get tired too sometimes, it’s certainly not an easy life but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I warned her that travelling the universe would be tough, she looked so scared, I guess I would have been too if it was the other way around. Anyway can’t sit here all day! Got work too do.

What on Earth! - Alice

This isn't what he was meant to do!! When will he learn to listen to me. All this talk about trying to forget, i wish he would just tell me what on earth he wanted to forget, but i guess he dosent quite work that way does he? And he's right, i do think he's just being difficult but what can i do about it i supose.

He does know i'm reading this, he gave me it one day just out of the blue, despite that i still feel a little bad you know? He thought it was important that i understood, about everything really. He explained about Grace, aparantly theres lots of people that've gone traveling the stars, but i dont know what i was expecting really. I would have been angrey then but not now.

Look at the way he talks about me! Like i'm the enigma, i'm the special one. i'm not intresting at all, and in the grand scheme of things i don't matter, but from his perspective it seems like i do.

It's hard too know what too make of this, it's weird for me but must be worse for you. I hadn't thought of it like that but you don't really know either of us, what an intresting perspective you must have. He's so frustrating sometimes, i can never work out whats going on in his head, i wish he'd just tell me. That would mean he'd have to actually truely tell me what he's thinking instead of just hinting at it! Oh well, thats just who he is i guess.

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