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The ACEs are the upstanding members of h2g2. They are always available to provide a polite and friendly helping hand.

They greet newbies and help them get to grips with the sometimes overwhelming h2g2 experience.

They try to calm down heated discussions with a few well-chosen words.

They're the sort of people that you'd like to meet in real life, and they do it by embodying the values of h2g2 that we all hold dear. This is the difference between the Aces and unofficial schemes: the Aces are exemplary members of h2g2, whereas unofficial scheme members can be anything they want.

This doesn't mean that we're trying to dictate the online personas of the ACEs, or what they do. We just ask that they're always friendly, helpful and very patient with our Researchers.

How to Join the ACEs

Does this sound like the kind of scheme that you would be interested in joining? If you'd like to join this volunteer scheme, you can apply by starting a new Conversation below. Please give us details of your h2g2 Researcher number and your h2g2 nickname in the title so that we can find your details quickly.

Thanks for volunteering!

Last updated on 15th October 2011.

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