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Welcome to the Willow Appreciation Society, a small group of Buffy fans who bow down to the gorgeous red head, the goddess of BtVS.

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    Willow Rosenberg is played by the gorgeous Alyson Hannigan, who starts out life in Buffy as a shy little wall flower who still lets her parents bye her clothes, but as time goes by, she grows into a beautiful, energetic and powerful goddess (literally).

    'I feel like some part of me will always be waiting for you....'

    Things start to happen with our goddess when she starts dating the lead guitarist of a band, Oz, with whom she experiences her first sexual experience, however, they break up when Oz has an affair (of sorts) with a female werewolf, (EEWW!!!...Veruca, isn't that a nasty thing that you get on your foot) he does return, only to discover that Willow is the one who brings out the werewolf in him (and what an emotional scene from 'New moon rising'). It's also at this point that Willow realises that she's in love with Tara.

    'Hallo...Gay now'

    Tara is Willow's one and only, her soul mate, her anchor when Willow goes over the top with the magiks. She is so good for Willow, a love that many of us could only wish for. As Tara makes our goddess shine, so our goddess makes Tara shine, but then, in what is considered by many as one of the most emotional scenes ever in 'Seeing Red', Tara gets shot and killed by Warren (He of the lack of skin) and Willow goes completely over the edge and hunts Warren down, and in a scene that brings cheers of joy to us Willow fans, she kills him...HOORAY!!!

    'Bored now'

    Although we will always bow down before our goddess, Willow's next relationship has left many of us in a state of confusion. I personally don't want to go into it to much, but Kennedy...I DON'T THINK SO...There is no way that our goddess would date a person like that.

    In conclusion, ice-cream trucks, Tara's hands and more ghost costumes...WE LOVE smiley - YOU WILLOW

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