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This site does not have any articles on hampsters, which is, oh course, a gross oversight by everyone. Hampsters are important.
No, I take that back. They're not important, but they're incredibly cute. Just look at one sometime. They're tiny fluffballs that fit in the palm of you're hand.
Then they bite you, or jump of and nearly break their little necks, or start screaching(they never make a noise any other time; I don't know how or why). This is usually due to a predator entering the room. You must understand, almost anything can kill a hampster. ANYTHING. So they are afraid of everything. It starts with cats and goes on up. Dogs, vaccuum cleaners(you don't want to know how I found that out), large green monsters, and just about anything else bigger than a hampster. The possible exception might be bunny rabbits. I have never heard of a bunny rabbit hampster marauder.
Another endearing trait of hampsters is their habit of running on their little wheels at one in the morning. No other time will do but exactly as you need to go to sleep. And every hampster I've ever seen won't run on a nice, silent, plastic little wheels. Only the loud squeaky metal ones will do. It cuts down on your sleep immensely. This is exactly why a pet hampster should never be kept near where you sleep. It's not that you can't still hear it, it's just that several walls tend to muffle the noise a bit.
All hampsters are packrats. They store food like there's no tomorrow - which, considering how many predators they have, could be true. The funny thing is the way they transport the food. The hampster will stuff food into his tiny cheeks until he's almost doubled his body volume. Then he waddles over to his nest and spits them all out again. No one know why they do this
Hampsters are said to originate in the desert. I however, think that that isn't too likely. Some say that they are actually small fuzzy creatures from Alpha-Centauri. This is or course, not true. They may have been placed on earth BY small fuzzy creatures from Alpha-Centauri, but no one really know for sure.

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