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My name is Lisa, and I'm Transgendered and proud of who I am.


I've noticed there are a few transgenders/transexuals/intersexed/genderdifferent people around H2G2, so I thought maybe a forum where we could all hang out, discuss things, offer support and more might be an idea. It might work, it might not.

What would I like to see here? I'd like to see this as a place for disseminating information from everything from how to paint your nailes, through to what options there are for Gender Reassignment Surgery. I'd like to hear personal experiences (I'll be writing mine up soon) and build up a support network.

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What do all of these terms mean? Hopefully this little guide will help. If you think I've not defined something well enough, then please let me know.


Someone who believes they are a different gender to their physical body. For example, a person with a male body, but who believes they are female.


One who has 'changed genders'. For example a man who has had Gender Reassignment Surgery to give them female genitalia


Someone who was born with both sets of genitals, or intedetminate sexual characteristics.


Someone who either displays no obvious hints as to their gender, or who could fall into either 'male' or 'female'

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