Why I shouldn't moan....

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My hair has not gone right today,
I’m in a bad mood,
My boss is being nasty today,
I’m feeling undervalued,
I come home to get a hug.

My car takes ages to defrost in the winter,
I get cold fingers,
Dinner out last night was very nice,
But I felt too full and it was expensive,
I phone my mum to tell her about my day.

I work long hours and get tired quickly,
It doesn’t pay that much,
I wonder what I will do this weekend,
There’s a good film on at the cinema,
I can always drop in on a friend.

My husbands away and I’m home alone,
God it’s so boring just sitting here,
My son wants to play spacemen,
I moan about cutting up a decent cardboard box,
He’s always there to cheer me up with his lovely smile.

17 he was but will not see 18,
My heart aches for the loss of such a young mind,
Things that he will never see, hear, touch or experience,
He will nevermore phone his mum, come home for a hug or see his friends,
He will never feel the joy of his off spring’s first smile.

I am happy just to be here.

Rest In Peace Kieron. <rose>

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