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Superdense is the general name applied to the groups of superheavy elements. In all the universes I have visited, I have discovered there are island elements 118-122 and 135 to 146. The asteroids and stars were full of them. And so began the quest for knowledge.
Adamantium: Chemical symbol: Ad, Atomic number:121, AMU:304.47, Electron arrangement: 2,8,18,32,32,19,7,1. Color: Bright greenish, similar to jade. Melting point: 2371'C Boiling point: 4174'C Density: 45.8 g/cm Specific Gravity: 17.43
Common uses: Support structures, Plasma Gun casings and Fusion plant cases.
It is non-magnetic, and the most common of the island metals.
Calendium: Chemical symbol: Cn. Atomic number: 120, AMU: 300, Electron arrangement: 2,8,18,32,32,18,8,2. Color: Transparent. Melting point: 2532'C Boiling point: 4746'C Density: 30.1 g/cm Specific Gravity: 8.21 Common uses: Due to its unique characteristic, it is used in high speed vehicles and starships. It replaces glass and transparent aluminum as the premier transparent substance. In high heat and stress areas, it is used to replace fragile components like holo-emitters and com-panel screens. It also glows white when exposed to gamma rays. Small quantities are used as lighting sources on military vessels.
Excelsis: Chemical symbol: E. Atomic number: 118, AMU: 295.14731 Electron arrangement: 2,8,18,32,32,18,7,1. Color: Magenta, similar to rubies. Melting point: 4130'C Boiling point: 7387'C Density: 57.83 g/cm Specific Gravity: 21.7 Common uses: Despite its high melting point, excelsis is highly malleable. It's superior strength and resistance to stress fatigue make it the desired metal for hull work. This desire comes with a price, however. Excelsis is extremely difficult to find on planets with an Atmospheric rating of five (oxygen-nitrogen base) or above. It seems to be only in large quantities in asteroid belts and/or dead worlds. Military ships are most commonly made with excelsis but so are some pioneer patrol ships and freighters.
Omnesium: Chemical symbol: Oz. Atomic number: 122, AMU: 305.636 Electron arrangement: 2,8,18,32,32,20,8,2. Color: Prismatic silver, mirror level shininess. Melting point: 3017'C Boiling point: 6246'C Density: 63.26 g/cm Specific Gravity: 29.88. Common uses: Being the rarest metal in existance, it is accorded a place with gold, silver and platinum, as a precious metal. In the Star Alliance Quatric, its use extend from the currency backing of the Alliance as a whole to the House symbols sewn on the cloaks of the ruling class of Strigor. Several wealthy business men have made cerimonial swords out of pure omnesium at the cost of millions of suns(their monetary term). Finding a vein of it on an asteriod, or airless world, is what the astrominers call the paul, or penultimate haul. Some small few have found it, and it was the primary reason, that Strigor was even attempted to be settled.
Vibratium: Chemical symbol: Vi. Atomic number: 119, AMU: 297.21 Electron arrangement: 2,8,18,32,32,18,7,2. Color: ebony but near mirror shininess. Melting point: 2815'C Boiling point: 5349'C Density: 41.85g/cm Specific Gravity: 16.4
Common uses: Vibratium is a sonic energy absorber, and hence is used as a insulator against noise pollution. Alliance law requires that at least five millimeters of vibratium or 35 millimeters of other sound absorber be used when an stateroom is ajacent to the enginnering section of a starship. The metal is more ductile than most, and has been known to be used in interlinking mesh form.
The journey of discovery was a long one, but thanks to many blessings, it was completed. Who knows what the Star Alliance would be like without these metals.

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