Baby Pigeons

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Pigeons have babies. This is well documented and beyond dispute.

The issue of why we never see any, however, requires further explanation.

Whilst walking, pigeons bob their heads in time with their feet.
It was long thought that this was in some way related to their
balance or tendon structure until it was noted that their heads
stay completely still when they run.

The reasons became clear.

The Pigeon, being a city bird, walks with "attitude". It is
king of the pavement; strutting around, nodding its head to the
beat of the street.

When panicked however, cool goes out of the window - head-
bobbing must go when danger lurks. 'Pigeon cool' is therefore
clearly not an instinctive behaviour - it must be learnt.

The baby pigeons are up on the roofs being taught by their
elders the proper way to conduct themselves in public. Head-
bobbing is taught as soon as they can walk and before they can

That, my friends, is why you never see Baby Pigeons.

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