In Three Minds

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Have you ever noticed that you have three heads?

It might not look like you've got three heads when you look in the mirror. That's because only one of your heads does mirrors.

Three minds

  • The Method Mind
  • The Emotion Mind
  • The Imagination Mind

Meet the Method Mind.

If you're paid to use your head, this is the head you're paid to use.

It pulsates.

It's connected to a thing called a body, which is a kind of tool.

Meet the Emotion Mind.

You pay yourself to use it.

It quivers.

It's connected to a thing called a body, which is a kind of sensory interface.

Meet the Imagination Mind.

It's never done an honest day's work in its life.

It scintillates.

It's connected to a thing called a... well... anyway...

The trouble is, we all get kind of over-encouraged to do the Method thing1.

The other two heads are more fun. Ask any kid.

In fact, one of the best ways to get out of your Method head is to converse with a very young child. You'll escape instinctively, because you know already that this exchange admits no rationality. When there is no point in listening to the words, you'll find yourself listening to all sorts of other things. The cadence of her voice. The light in her eyes. Faeries singing in accompaniment.

The Method Mind calls itself a brain, which is a pretty ugly name for an organ. It knows a little about the Emotion Mind, only it doesn't acknowledge that it is a Mind. It thinks that the seat of emotion is somewhere else, like in the Heart, or, under certain circumstances, in the Penis2.

The Method Mind doesn't believe that the Imagination Mind exists at all. Pity.

The Emotion Mind, on the other hand, is well aware of the other two Minds. It seethes with anger over the Method Mind's self-importance. It yearns wistfully over the Imagination Mind, interspersed with bouts of joy and fear. The Emotion Mind falls in love rather easily, after all.

As for the Imagination Mind, it's very nearly self sufficient. If you think it needs an ambience, like dimming the lights or turning up the music, then you're wrong. If you think it needs narcotic enhancement, then your dead wrong.

It just needs the tiniest suggestive seed, and it can change the world.

You know already that it's the best Mind of all, don't you? But you also know that it's the hardest one to ride.

So stick at it and learn, OK?

Stimulate your Imagination.

Just step inside yourself and run riot.

It's worth it.

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1Cut to one head only, for example, if you want to put your Entry in the Edited Guide. God knows what Zaphod would have thought2Hey, Guys! If your partner remarks that your brain's in your d**k, then congratulate yourself on getting in touch with your Emotion Mind. Only it could be an idea to try and broaden the emotional range, OK?

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