Doctor Who-40 Years in Time

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Doctor Who-the famous (infamous?) series that followed the stories of a Time Lord from Gallifrey and his companions, is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary this year (2003)-)-although it hasn't been a regular series since 1989.

From the misty beginning in 1963 with William Hartnell as "The Doctor" to the swansong story "Survival" in 1989 with Sylvestor McCoy in the role, this show has always been something special. Full of interesting tales, quirky characters and of course, Monsters!

Wether you're a fan of the show-or you hate it-chances are you know about it-even if it's from the re-runs on UK Gold, or from your relatives (or possibly from Dead Ringers or a Kit-kat advert...)

In Doctor Who, there's always something to enjoy-wether it's 'hiding behind the sofa' from the deadly Daleks, laughing at the 'cosmic hobo' in various forms or simply knocking the old-time effects-you're sure of a good time.

Here's to the Doctor-and another 40 years.

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