The Trials and Tribulations of the slayers part 3

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Unicorns and a fairytaleOn arriving back to Sunnydale Faith didn't exactly get a warm welcome, she got into a fight with Spike not knowing that he had a soul at this point in time, which ended up with a punch in the face from Buffy. On the way home Buffy told Faith what the sitch was. When Faith got to Buffy's house she was overwelmed by the house full of potential slayers and the lack of room in the house. There was also an icey chill between Giles and Buffy. The next few weeks more and more potentials where arriving and the 1st evil was showing up more and more frequently. Principle woods (The son of Nikki Woods the slayer) closed the school as the level of activity coming from the basement was reeking havok on the pupils. The inevitable battle was drawing closer and closer, the potentials growing more frightened every day. Buffy and Faith where both doing their share of training the potentials. Buffy decided it was time to take some of the potentials out to find out what it was the 1st Evil was trying to keep the slayers from getting. But in the end she was voted against. It was Faith's turn to lead the group. Buffy left un-willingly and upset but not before she had these words for Faith "Don't be afraid to lead them". At that time Spike had gone. Spike and Buffy had become very close in recent months, Spike loved Buffy with all his body and soul and although she didn't feel the same they had been through a lot together and she had the highest repect for him. Faith and the potentials discussed what their next move was going to be, mean while Buffy seemed to have given up. After the sun went down Spike set off back to Sunnydale only to realise in the last 24 hours Buffy had gone. Spike was not at all pleased and ended up getting into a fight with Faith before leaving to find Buffy. He followed Buffy's sent and eventually found her in an abandoned house, he had never seen her so lost before. All night she lay in his arms feeling safe and loved. Spike gave Buffy the incouraging talk she neaded to get back on her feet again. Next morning when Spike awakened Buffy had already left to face Caleb to see what the first was hiding. Caleb was a strong evil preacher man who had been one of the things standing in the way of her finding out what the 1st evil had been trying to keep from her and Faith. Buffy found what she was looking for, It was an axe specially made for the chosen one. She took it from the stone that it had been stuck in for centuries, caleb couldn't believe his eyes as he'd been trying for weeks to get the axe from the stone. Caleb Was cautious of Buffy whilst she was holding the axe but could not stop her leaving with it. While all this had been going on Faith had taken the potentials to find the Bringers for more information and to try and find what Buffy had been looking for, only
to find out it was all a set-up. Instead of finding anything helpful they found a bomb. There where a lot of deaths and Faith was knocked out. The remaining potentials gathered together and got Faith out only to be followed by some Turok-han, the 1st most evil vampires to walk the earth. Feeling scared, and confused they gathered together to face the ugly creatures. If they stood a chance at beating the Turok-han they needed a slayer in their corner, sure enough Buffy came to their rescue and they got away safely. It wasn't looking good for the Slayers/potentials, they where all scared, injured and weak. Luckily the axe that Buffy had taken from the 1st and Caleb would be their chance to re-claim Sunnydale.

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