The Trial and Tribulations of the Slayers part2

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A fairy falling into a pot of ink; another fairy writing on a piece of parchment paper After Graduation, Xander went travelling accross America (although he didn't get very far), Giles enjoyed lazing about being unemployed, Angel left Sunnydale to start a new life for himself in L.A and "Oz" Willow and Buffy went off to collage. For Buffy it looked like things where actually looking up, she'd fallen in love with "Riley Finn" a demon hunter for the government, better known as The Initiative, "Spike" had been implanted with a behaviour modifacation chip and couldn't bite anyone and She had been initiated into the initiative. As we all know in Sunnydale nothings ever that simple cause then she found out that the initiative where working on the 314 project, a man made demon called Adam and to top it all off Faith had Awakened from the coma and was looking for some serious payback. She didn't half. She used a magical device to switch bodies with Buffy and then slept with Riley! Buffy was seriously mad now there was another face off between the two slayers and with Willow's help Buffy got her body back. There has never been a dull moment when Faith and Buffy are in the same place at the same time, wether they're working with or against each other. Faith left Sunnydale Just in time for Willow, Xander and Giles Helping Buffy out yet again in her fight with Adam. Without their help you never know what may have happened to the world as we know it. In L.A Faith had been recruited by wolfram and Heart to kill Angel. Angel now had Wesley and "Cordelia" working for him at Angel Investigations. Faith wasted no time what so ever before beating up Cordi and severely torturing Wesley before her punch up with Angel. She then broke down, Angel knew what she was going through so he did what he does best "Help the helpless" He took her under his wing, This made Buffy furious which resulted in a major bust up between the ex-lovers. Faith felt so guilty for all the things she had done she turned herself into the police. A few years Later Wesley Helped Faith escape from Prison as Angelus was back and the world was doomed if the couldn't get him Angel back. Sure thing Faith was more than willing to help him after all he'd done for her. She had to get inside his mind to bring him back and with help from the worlds most powerful wicca Willow Angel was back once more. Faith returned to Sunnydale with Willow for a warm Sunnydale welcome. This time it wasn't Buffy she had to worry about, it was the 1st Evil who was trying to kill slayers and potentials alike.

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