The Trials and Tribulations of the Slayers part1

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A scrollInto every generation, a slayer is born. One girl, in all the world, a chosen one. One born with the strengh and the skill to hunt vampires. This isn't exactly true, every slayer had the help of a watcher, in Buffy's case it was "Rupert Giles" who was to help her on her journey. There had only ever been one slayer at a time. it's meant to be "One slayer dies then another is chosen". In a battle with "the Master" "Buffy" died for just a few minutes, then ofcourse as tradition goes another slayer was chosen. Her name, "Kendra" and with the help of her Lucky stake, killed a few vampires before her life was unfortunatly taken from her by the evil "Drucilla" just minutes after Kendra had given Buffy her lucky stake, "Mr Pointy". Talk about bad timing! So another slayer is chosen. This time round it was "Faith".
Both slayers totally opposite of one another other. Faith was sassy, loud, angry, loved killing vampires and worked on her own. Where as Buffy on the other hand, hated being a chosen one, had her friends to help and support her, had a watcher and was pretty much a goody two shoes. At first the two slayers got on really well. They enjoyed each others company and shared the slaying duties, but after a while Faith started resenting Buffy because there is only meant to be one slayer and after all Buffy was never greatful for what she had. Here Faith was with nothing just living for the moment, while Buffy was un-greatful and had everything. Faith envyed Buffy. She had everything Faith had ever wanted, friends, watcher, good looking boyfriend (who was also a vampire with a soul) "Angel" and Mother who loved her. Faith had no family, the closest thing she had to family was her watcher who was killed by "Kakistos" before she moved to Sunnydale. She was given a replacement watcher "Wesley" who was also Buffy's new watcher as Giles had been fired by the watchers council, but Faith didn't like him, niether did Buffy for that matter, Wesley just seemed to be making life even harder for the two slayers.
Then something terrible happened. Faith and Buffy where out on patrol when they where attacked by vampires and without time to stop Faith staked a man through the heart accidently. From that moment on she was never the same. She felt like there was no-one to turn to, she didn't want to seem soft, so she tried to blame Buffy but her plan back fired. That's when she started to become close to "Mayor Wilkons" the founder of Sunnydale. Before the land was an un-holy place full of dark spirits, beasts and demons. Back then it was a young Navajo girl named Naayee Neizghani that was the slayer. Richard Wilkons named Sunnydale, His 1st thoughts where Happydale or Sunnyachers, thats how he came up with the name Sunnydale.
Anyway, Wilkons was an evil man, although he did love Faith like she was his own daughter. Faith loved having someone who cared about her. That's one of the reasons why she traded her old life for a new evil one. The other reason was because she'd had a taste of power and she loved it. Determinded to hurt anyone who got in her way or anyone she didn't like, she became one of Buffy's most powerful enimies. Hurting "Willow", "Xander," Giles, Angel and former and wesley. The last straw for Buffy was when Faith poisoned Angel with an arrow just missing his heart. The only cure for Angel was slayers blood. That's when the show down between Buffy and Faith really happened. Buffy didn't succeed in bringing Faith back for Angel, however she did put Faith in a coma. Buffy told Angel to drink her blood, she needed him well enough as Graduation day was coming up, the day the Mayor turns into a pure demon. With the help of her friends and the whole school the mayor didn't stand a chance. The world was safe again.

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