Lecturer Racing: A Sport for Students

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Lecturer racing is a popular sport amongst students, as it costs nothing and requires no equipment. If sports facilities are overly priced and internet access is free, this may be the only exercise they get.

Before starting, please ensure you have the following:

A lecture.

A lecturer for the above lecture, who would recognise you. For this reason, it is best to use a lecture you would be going to anyway.

A suitable start line.

Suitable start lines

The best place to start is near the department of the lecturer. This means it is likely you will see the lecturer, and more importantly, that he will see you. Another good place is on a bridge on the lecturer’s known route, as if you are recognisable enough it will be impossible for him to miss you.

The rules

You must be spotted by the lecturer as many times as possible on route, and overtaken. Then you overtake the lecturer unseen, and appear in front of him again. You must not be seen running [though running when he cannot see you is perfectly fine], and must not be seen overtaking. The aim is to confuse the lecturer. It does not matter who arrives first, although being fully prepared for the lecture by the time the lecturer arrives shows style.


Do not take the shortest route. This is the route the lecturer will take, and thus you will have no chance to overtake. If the lecturer takes an external route, go through buildings, especially those that you know there will be no repercussions for running through.


For younger players, there is a similar sport of Teacher Racing, although the confusion is restricted to the player. The position of the teacher of the next subject is noted after playtime, and the player arrives at the lesson five minutes before the teacher. Why it has taken the teacher so long is the cause of the confusion.

Please Note

I have used the pronoun he throughout this work, though there is no known reason why it cannot work for female lecturers. However, this was tested in a maths department where the only female members of staff are permanently based in the office.

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