Scallies (British definition)

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Supposedly originated from around the city of Liverpool in England. They are, quite simply, the modern day yob, rebel or "scallywag," from which the term is derived.
What motivates these people? What are their hobbies? Basically anything that can annoy anyone.
They have a herd-dependent existence, they themselves being too weak if on their own. But in groups, just like tourists, they can be extremely annoying and dangerous.
This now all too common breed of human tends to inhabit areas around public places, like arcades, shopping and leisure centres.
Unlike other predatory species, Scallies do not rely on camouflage or surprise. In fact they are extremely obvious. Usually they are garbed in their tracksuits, with the three stripes down the trouser leg and sleeve. Some wear neon-orange or green, pearl white or bright blue, anything glaring that hurts the eyes.
Many of them speak constantly in plural, often splitting from the herd and sidling up to a stranger to say,
“Haves yous gots anys moneys fors mes tos gos ands buys somes fags’s.” Tragic, is it not?
One has to say that their only strength is the fact that they move in numbers, for they are completely lacking in common sense or logic. Many is the time I have been approached and been asked,
“Will you buys these fags of us so’s I can gets enough moneys to go and buy some fags.” Yes… precisely.
As noticeable from that quote, they have no idea of individuality, saying “us” instead of “me.” Again, tragic evidence of their tendency to put plurals in every sentence.
Annoying, with occasional tendencies towards minor acts of violence, this is the Scally.
The worst thing about the whole subject is, that it's true.

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