Earth Day : second part

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Blue bird cried so bitterly
Sitting next her fallen tree
Her sweet nest was just blown away
Her home was left an empty way.

Animals of forestry
Lost their homes with every tree.
Where they lived to enjoy life
It was gone left nothing in sight!

Desperate search to survive
Trying to hide from evil guys
Finding some food, a spot to rest
Somebody, somewhere come to help!

Their cry was reaching till the sky
The Horizon lit up with a shine:
The Godess of Forest just was coming
Saving the lives tenderly loving!

What happens with the evil guys?
Cut down the trees: no more to find.
The trees will not clean the dirty air
Evils search now for oxygen!

What happened to the cool air
From the forest’s breeze?
Covering from sunshine
In the summer heat?

Heard about carbondioxide?
For the trees it was just food to find,
But the foolish humans do not understand
They are killing the Earth and themselves!

Fortunately this is not the end
Not everybody is evil like those men,
There is hope to revive this Earth:
Hey my body: Let’s get to work!

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