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:-) I recently went to a Moroccan restaurant & cafe on Parkway in Camden, North London. I had never noticed it before as it's nearer the quiet end of the street nearer to Regent's Park.

They have no licence for booze, but it was a very cozy, relaxed atmosphere, with a cafe upstairs and a restaurant in the basement. It's the kind of place which is nice to catch up with friends. It's not noisy and the owners obviously take pride in making a pleasant environment for their guests.

Tables are lighting are low and in total about 20 people sit comfortably downstairs. We got ten people around a couple of tables. That was the maximum number of people sat together as the area is small - otherwise we'd have taken over the whole bottom floor.

Main meals were £6-7. They have a few veggie dishes although the meat eaters looked far happier and content with their food ;-)

It called Yima and it's 95 Parkway. Tel. 0207 267 1097.


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