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There are 6 billion people in the world. Right now - damn! You missed it. More now. I mean, I didn't count them or anything, but I'm reliably informed they're out there. Keep that in mind next time you don't have a date on a Saturday night - does it make you think that just maybe you're being a little picky?

More to the point, when we began this century: 1.6 billion people roamed the planet; when the century ends the figure will be 6.1 billion. It has a nice symmetry to it, but the world ain't gettin' any bigger and it kinda makes you wonder.

Do the math(s) for the next century and you'd have to agree: at the very least, real estate is going to get pretty pricey; to say nothing of actual problems like poverty, pollution, starvation and unrenewable resources.

Think about it. Just a little... Now, feel free to get on with your busy day.

And whilst you're at it: just when are they going to get 'round to making it seven degress of separation, huh?

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