Pluto - Planetoid?

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Pluto - recently downgraded from planet status to lump of rock floating in space. Most travellers don't give a gentically modified fig about such things and only take notice of Pluto when it obstructs their flightpath by a minimum of 2 and a half lightyears (so they can phone ahead to friends to tell them they'll be 5yrs late to the party).

In fact the only ones bothered by all this are the pluvians themselves who just came out of hibernation. Like with most universal affairs they have only become aware of the planet's downgrade several years past everyone else. On the plus side though their tears at the news are quickly freezing and adding to the 'lump of rock' 's mass, so who knows after a few solid years of tearful regret they could be back to being the good ol ninth planet in the solar system again.

Luckily this will not affect the occupants of the tenth/ninth planet Mondas as they have cyberneticaly removed all emotion bar eighties ruthlessness.

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