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The narcissist

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Regarding: From my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited":
"One of the most important presenting symptoms of the narcissist in therapy is his (or her) insistence that he (or she) is equal to the psychotherapist in knowledge, in experience, or in social status.

Why should a patient NOT feel equal to their psychotherapist? Perhaps they HAVE studied their problems and all the possible theraputic endings? Why can they not have an equal social standing? This to me smacks of a therapist who thinks like a narcissist.... the therapist who thinks he is infallible-above all those he/she treats... As a psychotherapist you should perhaps begin to think of all your patients as equals who may surpass you in expierience, social status and knowledge! People with mental health problems may be high earners, the lords and ladies of the land with oxbridge educations... they may indeed be another psychotherapist.... Think with your brain not your ego!

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The narcissist

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