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True story told by Blue bird.

The man took his ax and went to the fields where the pine tree grew and he found a very handsome little tree about 10 years of young age. The beauty of the little tree was enchanting. The joy made him sing a song as his son was listening:
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree beautiful you are right here.

He was so touched by the beauty of the tree as he admired it said to his little son:” Do you want me to cut down this tree and kill him? He is as old as you are.”” No” answered the little boy. “Let’s go home, mother will decorate the house with ribbons and fruits and we will sing at the fireplace: “ Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, please just live a long time”.

But his wife got angry, because she already bought a lot of corny, tasteless decorations.
She chased her husband out to the field and the man trained for obedience cut the tree and dragged it into the warm house.

The tree was crying as his blood was flowing from his body, but the humans did not hear or see the real happening.

The woman was happy to hang the corny ornaments on the poor little tree what died only because he was an evergreen.
But now the humans celebrated Life with a dead tree.
In his dying condition he lost his green color and dropped the dry leaves on the floor around him. The wife had to clean up every day the “mess” what the tree made and was very annoyed . After the Holiday was over she took carefully off her treasured decorations, rapped them up for the next year. Than the dried out tree was tossed into the burning fireplace by the foolish woman.

Mother Nature stood by to teach the ignorant humans a lesson what they will never forget.

The dried out pine tree caught fire so vigorously that the flames from his body shoot out of the fireplace up to the ceiling and set the house on fire.

Mother Nature’s justice was done for the murder of a young life only for fun.
This is the text only for my Last Web Page in 2006.
Perhaps you can find more fun to see the Web Page:

this was added on January 7, 2007. Blue bird <laugh>

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