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<P>I just watched the film <I>Die Hard</I> again on my mate's video and it truly rocks! Especially the good bits. It's worth seeing the movie just for the scene where Bruce Willis jumps off the top of the building. It was amazing. He jumped off, and I was, like, <I>"Dudes!"</I>, and my friends were all, like, <I>"Dude!"</I>, and I was all, like, <I>"Dudes!"</I>. Enough said!</P>

<P>In the film Bruce Willis plays John McClane, an international assassin who's separated from his wife because she's a successful executive. He devotes his life to clearing the streets of all the scumbags and skunkpussies, especially the character Alan Rickman, who is a German sheriff, who has recently died leaving a distraught girlfriend, but not before helping to solve the calendar murders. He rocks. I told my friends that he was actually Irish and not German at all, and they were all like, <I>"No way!"</I>, and I was like, <I>"Yes way!"</I>, and they were like, <I>"Dude!"</I>, and I was all, like, <I>"Dudes, it's true!"</I>, and they were all, like, <I>"Dude, no way!"</I>, and I was all, like, <I>"Yes way, dudes!"</I>, like a freak.</P>

<P>The film is apparently based on a book called something or other. Can't remember now. I heard it had some pages in it - or something similar. This film is a must see for anyone who is a fan of way cool bits in movies.</P>

(I was inspired to write this review when I read the <A HREF=>review of the film "Blade"</A>, which was really cool, and has been accepted into the guide, so I'm hoping this review will be approved too. I've tried to follow the original article's format, accuracy, and level of informativeness. Here's hoping...)

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