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I Beg Mercy

I Blame Microsoft

I Bought Macintosh

I've been mislead

Idiots Become Managers

Idiots Bewilderment Machine

Idiots Bought Me

Illustrative of Bad Marketing

Immense Bins of Money

Immense Bucket of Manure

Imperialism By Marketing

Impractical But Marketable

In a Befuddled Manner

In Business for Money

Incredible Bunch of Muffinheads

Incredibly Big Machine

Industry's Biggest Mistake

Insipid Brainless Monster

Insolense Breeds Mediocrity

Installed By Masochists

Institute of Broken Minds

Intensely Boring Machines

International Beurocracy Merchants

Involuntary Bowel Movement

It Beats Mattel

It's Broken Mummy

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