Is Barney the Dinosaur Satan??

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How’s this for a tenuous conspiracy theory?
Feel free to send in comments or related ideas.

We all know and (love/hate) Barney the Dinosaur. However, we rarely stop to think about what he actually is. Ask yourself that now and come up with an answer.
The most common answer is probably: A cute purple dinosaur.

Take a look at that.


Now as all good religious fanatics suffering from paranoid psychosis know, the best conspiracies date back 2,000 years or so, to the birth of Christ - or not, depending on your religion. At this time, the Holy Roman Empire was still Holy Roamin’ around, so people generally wrote in Latin, or at least in the Latin alphabet. Let’s translate Barney into the Latin alphabet.


See anything odd?
Take any letters there which are also Roman numerals and find their values.

C = 100
V = 5
V = 5
L = 50
D = 500
I = 1
V = 5

Add those numbers up.
Total number = 666

666 = the number of the beast (Satan to the uninformed).

Now if that doesn’t prove that Barney is the Devil, then I don’t have a fifth eye on my lower dorsal fin.

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