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Well, there was a shocking piece of news this week. Apparently the education authority of the State of Kansas has decided to change the syllabus of its science course. They have decided that the topic of EVOLUTION is not necessary to fully understand the intricate details of Biology. Here are my thoughts

I do apologise but the following will unfortunately break the third commandment, “thou’t shall not spit

Firstly, the concept of evolution is the founding principle of many different fields within the sciences. All inheritance studies are based, however loosely, on the theory of evolution. These studies include many that lead directly into finding causes and solutions to inherited forms of disease, these can include glaucoma, heart disease, and yes many forms of cancer. This begs an even larger question, how useful will an individual be to the science and research industry if there is a serious blank spot in there education. Such an individual would probably be next to useless to the many development companies, some of which are amongst wealthiest multinational companies in the world.

On a financial note, because of this short sighted approach to teaching they may find that any drug companies in the state may move. Resulting in redundancies and loss of earning in taxes and increased burden on the tax payer. But this protest is about academic consequences and not financial ones.

There are also many other subjects within biology that overlap in the subject matter. For example the mechanisms for the transfer of DNA between different organisms, be they bacterial or human (yes I do mean reproduction here), are also the amongst the known mechanisms for evolution. Does this mean that soon more of the core subjects on the origins of each and every one of us will be banished from the classroom.

Another question that has to be asked is, WHY?. Why did they remove an important field of knowledge from the classes? Their answer has so been in the form of:-

“Well, 54% of the population of the state are creationists.”

All I can say is that education is just that, EDUCATION, and it should never be used as a blatant and pathetic ruse to gain a few more votes come election day.

I suggest that the education authority of Kansas rub its collective brain cell together, and have a better idea. I think we have new candidates for first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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