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What *is* pi, anyhow? I have undertaken the difficult job of researching this strange thing, "pi."

First, it seemed that pi is a sort of pastry which can be apple or cherry or many other kinds of fruit, best served hot with some ice cream.

Then, after a few weeks I looked over my notes and realized I'd gone wrong somewhere.

Pi is also a movie.

But that wasn't wnough. Pi must be terribly special to have a movie made about it.

I started over from the beginning, now researching more carefully, and after a few more weeks, I discovered something.

Pi is a NUMBER!

"What are you talking about?" I can hear you thinking, "Pi can't be a number! Numbers look like this: 1, 2, 3, 4..."


Pi is a special number

It appears to be a special number in some kinds of mathematics, and most importantly, a number that many people are obsessed with.

Pi is often approximated to 3.14159, although many other decimals in actuallity follow.

There is a great following of people who like to memorize large numbers fo digits of pi!

There is apparently a great amount of prestige among these people in knowing a large number of digits of pi.

If you ever want to be prestigous amound these groups, you must know much of pi.

In order to start you off, I will provide a number of digits of pi (from memory, of course).


If you wish to be recognised among many groups of people as a very intelligent and prestigous person, succumb to this fad and memorize pi!

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