Creative Use of Numbering Systems in Lists

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Many people feel the need to use Numbering Systems to keep things in order. The standard form is usually as follows:

1) This is the first number.

2) This is the second number.

3) This is the third number.

4) And so on...

Sometimes, people choose to use a period rather than an end parenthesis. This is not rare.

Sometimes, people even use (gasp!) Roman Numberals! (I, II, III, IV...), which are highly illogical types of numbers.

At this point, you are probably falling asleep in your chair with boredom. Number systems are not very interesting, are they?

Well, you, my dear, are wrong!

I can hear shocked gasps-- the reader is always right, no?

Not when the author has led the reader to believe something incorrect in order to make a point.

Is that an understanding "Oh!" I hear?


This is where the creative part comes in.

With proper use of creativity, Numbered Lists such as followed can be created.

1) Sometimes, lists start out rather boringly.

2) Often, you feel that these lists will remain boring for their length.

Z) If the author is feeling creative, you may be hit with a sudden surprise.

Fifteen) Sometimes, skipping numbers and/or writing them out is very interesting.

-5) Negative numbers also add a bit of flair.

Elephant) The more creative an author gets, the more interest is drawn to the list.

?) Sometimes symbols draw attention to a particular line.

@) Many symbols can be used.

:O) Sometimes, an emoticon (smiley face) can be used to add a little bit of emotion to a dry list.

:~Þ) In many cases, one could use an utterly ridiculous emoticon to convey a sense of enjoyment of the list.

O} Sometimes, a ')' or a '.' is just not enough.

H. However, you can always use them sporadically to form an aesthetaclly pleasing list.

] Sometimes the omission of a letter/number/symbol can work just as well.

M*-. Using a few symbols in a row to draw the eye across is also sometimes effective.

Y) It is also entertaining to spell out words when using letters to form a list.

!!!!!!) Sometimes, the use of multiple symbols creates an effect comparable to a magnet to the eye.

APPLE) Words are quite daring.

ORANGES) In this case, it is quite accpetable to compare two completely different things.

PEARS) You also may want to use a theme sometimes.

So, to sign off, I recommend that you have as much fun as possible with the Creative Use of Numbering Sysyems in Lists. The greater the level of fun, the higher the chance of creativity and lack of boredom and sleeping.

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