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No offence but

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why nothing about the six towns? The Gladstone Museum? Pot Banks? Surely you have told only half the story!

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Guth the Red

Yes, and it was a short and sweet piece which left the reader content with a small piece of new information which was very nice.
But now you have mentioned new things about Stoke on Trent which have created curiosity, but you have left the reader hanging on the edge windering what these places are. Please give us some more detail as I know I am interested.

No offence but

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Mark Moxon

Aye, but that's the point. We can't be expected to put up totally encyclopedic entries for everything, so if you have anything to add, stick it in this forum.

Coming from Stoke myself, I know there's loads more to add (I mean, Arnold Bennett isn't even mentioned), but if I ended up trying to write everything myself there wouldn't be anything like the h2g2 Five-a-Day Guarantee, a changing front page, a diminishing submissions backlog... and where would we be then?

Stick your information on the forum and then it's associated with this entry for ever more, and when we come to revise the entry it will get included in the guide itself. That's how it works.

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Mark Moxon

"Left the reader content". Spot on, Guth, you've managed to sum up h2g2 in one tiny phrase. smiley - smiley

No offence but

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Researcher 34811 - A Potteries Lad

I always find that one should never take offence. It lets the cows out!

I'll shut up now.

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It wasn't meant to be a criticism of the piece or editorial policy - just a throw away line to start a conversation! I will be more careful what I throw away in future.

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