So bad it's good

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How is it that some things appear to be so bad that they're good?

It's like they're so bad, that they go right round off one end of the scale and come back on the other.

Surely if something like , for example the Film "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is a huge steaming pile of horse manure, then how can that make it so bad that people actually want to watch it?

Whats more, where is the distinction? How does one film, song saying or whatever become a cult item that is loved for being bad, and another simply be really bad and reviled by everybody? Is it all media spin?Is there a secret building in Mornington Crescent containing a committee that actually decides what we, the public shall like?Does anybody really care anyway?

Can anybody else come up with examples of this "So bad it's good" phenomenon because quite frankly, I can't be bothered right now.

Except maybe for "Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park". A film starring the band KISS based on cartoon characters based on their stage personas. How bizarre. Plus you do get to see a man with an IQ of allegedly 168 lowering himself to jerking his thumb and saying "Hi Curly! Aaah! "

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