Elthorne Park High School, Hanwell, West London

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Opened in September 1998 after a campaign for a new high school in the area by local parents, the school has 900 students between the ages of 11 and 16. It is run as a co-educational community school by the local council (London Borough of Ealing).

History of the Site

The site where the school is situated has been used by other schools in the past, and the current schools buildings are mostly made up of the buildings from the older schools.

Bordeston Senior Boy's School opened in 1932, being remamed Bordeston Secondary Modern at a later date. The school was contained in a single building with entrances at either end and classrooms coming off of a central corridor.

In 1974 the school merged with Walpole Grammer to form Elthorne High School on the Bordeston site. Taught boys and girls between the age of 11 and 18. Three new blocks were built to accomodate the extra pupils, one being a science block, and another block which contained a school hall. A sports hall and music block were also built at a later date. In the 1980's/1990's the school which was suffering from declining results and other management problems was closed and the pupils sent elsewhere, (though right now its proving difficult to find this date). The site was used for teacher training and as an education centre, (I remember visiting it on a school trip during primary school) probably around 1995/6).

The Sports Hall was opened to the general public for recreational activities and one of the huts on site became home to the Ealing Duke of Edinburgh's Award operating authority.

The site fell into some disrepair so renovation was neccessary when Ealing Council decided that a school should be opened on the site due to insufficient school places in the local area in 1997. The alternative to this would have been the inlargement of other local high schools such as Drayton Manor High School and Brentside High School to take the extra students.

The Sports Hall is now shared between the school and the general public, being closed to the public during school hours in term time, though students find it annoying that they are unable to use the vending machines in the Sports Centre until after 4.30pm!

Elthorne Park High School opened in september 1998 with 180 year seven students (11-12 year olds) with staff of about 20. Every year the school took in 180 new year seven students reaching full capacity of 900 in 2002.

Other Interesting Facts

The school and several of its students feature in the UK governments recent poster campaign to recruit teachers, though in many cases the students have been given different uniforms from the school's Burgangy Sweatshirts and White/Burgandy Polo shirt.

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