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Where to begin, really ? Erm ... I could just start telling a pack of lies about what an incredibly exciting lifestyle I lead; about how much money I earn jetting around the world on behalf of incredibly rich people, how I spend my time doing thrilling, dangerous and exciting things like wresting tigers whilst climbing Mount Everest - however, I highly suspect that people would then say "Er, yeah, so why are you wasting time here then ?" To which there would be no answer. Well, no publishable answer anyway.

So, back to normallity.

Or, at the very least, what passes for normallity.

I'm an ex-patriot Yorkshireman currently residing in London. Not much fun, I'll admit, but does pay the mortgage. Being 32 and single in London is, from what I've heard, supposed to be hours of fun full of parties and really wild things - I must have blinked and missed most of them when falling out of the pub one evening.

What else about me ? 5ft 6, blue eyes, got a job, can't drive (can't see the point), and stupid enough to spend a few minutes lurking around this website. Not, I hasten to add with alarming speed, that I spend ALL my time on the net - have you seen my last phone bill ? I didn't think numbers went that high !!

I think that'll do until I can think of something far more thrilling to say ...

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