Latin - a forgotten language?

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If you ask most kids at today's schools you will not find that all that many do Latin. Most schools stopped when they figured that Britain was no longer likely to be invaded by the Romans. Latin, however is not forgotten.
In a few schools, including mine, Latin is still remembered along with Latin masters (or mistresses) who walk round banging hockey sticks on desks or throw chalk, blackboard dusters, books etc. at the poor students.
Latin is good in the way that there aren't *too* many exceptions to the rules, but there are sooooo many rules that how anyone learns them all and still stays sane is a miracle. I know that after conjugating verbs and reciting all the SEVEN noun tables that I know I am definately not in my right mind! In fact, I'm still not sane as I have chosen to take this subject at GCSE.
Councilling is needed, I think.
Where was I oh, yes. Latin is very logical, though and relates, somewhat strangely to Maths and Music. (Well I think it does, anyway!).
Many people in the 20th century have actually written books that tell you how to say certain phrases in Latin. (Some are not very flattering, though!)
Well as now I seem to be waffling a lot I'll finish off with - if you ever get the chance to do Latin take it (unless you want to remain sane)!

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