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Yes, Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady' had a flash of inspiration to start this page for me, so that my progress can be noted in my journal. And if you're wondering about the name, Tonto named me PaperBaby1 and Mommy decided to keep the name, at least on h2g2, as she doesn't like calling me 'it' and Aunt Kaz's baby was already 'the Bump'... Now that she's been born, she's known by an actual name--Erissmiley - smiley

So I don't really need to be ACEd, but if you want to, go aheadsmiley - biggrin

Here's one site that gives some development details, though the pictures aren't much... Mommy says she'll look more another time...

And for anyone who's interested in baby pictures...

1After all, he's just about the only one that calls Mommy paper lady regularly...

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