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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

I am an <./>ACE</.>, and I'm here to help you round the magical maze of h2g2 (fondly known by researchers as hootoo). H2G2 is a living, breathing guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, and it's something YOU can take part in. You can write entries on all manner of subjects, and if it's something you think would look good in our Edited Guide (where all the best research goes), you can submit it to Peer view Take a look at the <./>writing-guidelines</.> for more information on that.

If you fancy writing something, but have no idea what to write, why not look at the <./>Writing-FleaMarket</.> and see if anything takes your fancy!

To help start you off, I've created a little list of links, just for you, so click here <./>A1159210</.> and have a look at them when you have time.

If you click on each link, they will take you to parts of hootoo no sane person should ever go.....

......but seems as no-one here is sane, it doesn't matter does it!

Have a look around, and don't be afraid to jump in on conversations, hootooers don't bite (well, some of them do, but I'll steer you well clear of those.)

Remember, if you get lost, just keep turning left and you'll eventually get back to the beginning. Failing that, just click on MY SPACE on the left hand side of your screen and you'll get back to your personal space.

Remember, I'm here to help. <cheerup>

Oh, and before I go!!! Please remember to bookmark the front page! Loads of info about the site goes there! <winkeye>

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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