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There are many different extras that can be used to brighten up your space. These can be a little more complex than other areas of Guide ML, so take a little more explaining. Consequently, this part of the Workshop has been split into several different sections.

The Viewer Tag

Writing <VIEWER/> will display the user name of the researcher who is viewing your page. I.E., if you are looking at your page, and have used the <VIEWER/> tag, then where you have used it you will see your user name.

For example, the following

<P>Welcome to the workshop <VIEWER/>.</P>

Will look like this..

Welcome to the workshop .

Changes to Skins

H2g2 as several different 'skins' or back ground colours. There's alabaster, brunel, classic goo and plain, each have a different look and different features. You can specify which skin you would like to use at User Details. Digibox users should use the plain skin, as this should make h2g2 more accesable. Classic goo is the original skin, with a dark blue background and white text. Alabaster is a fast loading skin, with a white background. Brunel has lots of other features, such as Guide ML shortcuts which are very useful when writing articles.

The Brunel Tag

The <BRUNEL> tag allows you to chose your own colour scheme for your page when viewed in the Brunel skin. It must be placed between the opening <GUIDE> and <BODY> tags. The code is as follows..


<LITE>colour of your choice</LITE>

<NORM>colour of your choice</NORM>

<DARK>colour of your choice</DARK>


Plain Skin Link

Some Personal Spaces include a link to the plain skin to make it easier for digibox users to read them. To add such a link, you need write the full URL rather than LINK H2G2, specifying the plain skin. For example, to link to this page for which the A number is A1147493 you would write...

<LINK HREF="">Your text here</link>

Giving the result of...

Your text here

You can also link to other skins using the same technique

Friends List

If you wold like to display on your page who has added you to their friends list, simply write the following code between the opening <GUIDE> and <BODY> tags.


Add thread intro and forum thread intro

These display text or pictures of your choice above target forum. They must be placed between the <GUIDE> and <BODY> tags.

Add Thead Intro

The <ADDTHREADINTO> tag is used to add an introduction that is shown at the top of the page when posting to that page.

For example, this page has a thread into, the coding for which is..


To see the results, try posting to this page's forum smiley - ok

Forum Thread Intro

The <FORUMTHREADINTRO> tag adds an introduction that is desplayed above conversations on that page.

For example, this page has a thread introduction, the code for which is...

<FORUMTHREADINTRO><FONT FACE="Comic Sans MS" Size="+2" COLOR="indigo">Welcome to the 'Extras' Forum<SMILEY TYPE="biggrin"/></FONT></FORUMTHREADINTRO>

Simply click on a conversation on this page to see the result...

Other Tags

Here are some other tags, their code, and what they do...

CodeWhat the tag doesDemonstration
<WHO-IS-ONLINE>...text of your choice...</WHO-IS-ONLINE>Links to the 'who is online' tool...text of your choice...
<VOLUNTEER-LIST GROUP=""/>Gives a drop-down list of volunteers in one of the groups. Replace "" with "ACES" for a list of ACEs, "GURUS" for a list of Gurus, "FIELD-RESEARCHERS" for Field Researchers, "SCOUTS" for Scouts and "SUBS" for Sub Editors. For the example "ACES" is used.
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