The Music You Couldn't Live Without.

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I want to know what single piece of music, wether a song or a full blown concerto, you cannot imagine life without. The reason? It's been bugging me lately and I thought it would be good to hear what does it for you.

The reason it has been on my mind is that someone asked me at work and I couldn't answer, I like a lot of music, and many songs are special and important. But which one could I not live without?

Would it be Superstition the Stevie Wonder song that I physically can not resist dancing to?

Might it be Samuel Barber's Addagio for strings? A piece that can always grab at my heart.

It came close to being Just Like a Woman from Bob Dylan, simply because it comes close to being in my view the finest piece of songwriting craft I have ever heard.

But it wasn't any of them.

The piece of music that I couldn't live without is.....

Have You Ever Loved a Woman from Derek and the Dominos Lyala and other assorted love songs.

It is the reason I play guitar. It is the reason I play blues. It is the yardstick I measure my own and every other musical performance against. It is in a word perfect. I have never heard a guitarist play with such abandoned passion, unable to hold the notes in, yet still able to communicate. The singing is emotionally beyond reproach, every word is wrapped up in emotion and he means every one.
When I heard it at 15 on a compilation album it grabbed my ears turned my head and screamed in my face " THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO WITH YOUR LIFE!" It changed me, and I would not be the me that sits here now without it. I definitely could not live without that song.

So here it is: I want to here what music you cant live without and why. Whatever it is from the Birdie Song to Bach, from 50cent to the 5th symphony, let me know and in time I'll put the most interesting stuff up here. Maybe if some songs are poular I'll even include a chart.

Go on think about it, you will enjoy the memories!

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