Sheffield Wednesday's woes

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Sheffield Wednesday are a football team base in the fourth biggest city in England, Sheffield funnily enough, and are one of the oldest League clubs in the country. Established in 1867, formally a bat and ball team who always met on Wednesdays and wanted to do something more exciting than rub a red ball on their crotch for five straight days during the winter, hence the start up of a football team. Despite a good start to the football club and various league titles and cup victories before the second world war, The Owls, their nickname after they played at Owlerton, went into a huge decline after appearing in the 1966 FA Cup final. Perennially known as a yo-yo team during the 70's and 80's because of constant relegations and promotions, they won the 1991 league cup against Manchester United, a team who's fans never come from Manchester, and then fan's expectations got big again. Despite a few years of success, they struggled and are now in the third tier in English football with crippling debts. Many fans could opt to 'support' Manchester United but Wednesday still attract a loyal fan base despite their recent lack of ability, at least it keeps their long suffering supporters excited as it is hard work being a Wednesday fan.

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