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Please not that the site is in the proccess of being seriously updated. Appologies are extended for any oddities found herein.

This is it... A new world is here: Brunel.

Brunel Fanlist

That hoopy, rivety, gloriously froody stuff is here, and this is a page devoted entirely to it. That said, here's a huge list of Brunel fans:

(This list is really long)

[Super Chronologically Introducing:]StriderDavid R. LitwinJonnyICBM182MaWChris ChapmanRoberttacsatduckFrankie RobertoBumblebeeAnd Introducing... A LegNeobradOld Uncle ZarniwoopGalena girl called Benfords_prefectWhoami?RhoMuNuQAustin MorrisAtariSt. NessajaToy BoxGregEgon Mister RainbowAlisonDeus Ex MachinaAK nonexistentWonko the (In)SaneGaiaBlofieldPaff

Brunel Praise

Brunel Rocks! It rolls! It does what it says on the tin! What other skin lets you decide the colour scheme for your Personal Space? What other skin has cool graphicy volunteer badges? What other skin has its pieces held on by little rivets? What other skin is smart enough to place your information at the bottom, where it won't get in the way, but other people's information on the top where you can read about them? What other skin has seperate colour schemes for different types of pages? What other skin can combine the dark beauty of Goo with the black-on-white usefullness of Alabaster? Lets face it folks, this is one good looking skin!

Brunel Fanclub Banner!

I'm a Brunel Fan!
 Brunel: Skin of the Future 

Find out how to make this on your space here. However, please do not use this if you are not a member.

Brunelly Links

Only one right now:

The wonderful, colour changing <BRUNEL> tag!

How Do I Join?

To join this Fanclub you must:

1: Use the Brunel Skin.

2: Be willing to keep the Fanclub's threads alive.

3: Be willing to assist in the over-all up-keep of the Fanclub.

All you have to do to join is to post to the "Join Here" conversation at the bottom of this page!

Disclaimer: Although this page is vastly superior to the way it once was, it is still deemed "incomplete" by its author. Suggestions extremely welcomed. No aardvarks were harmed during the production of this page.

Link to Old Site: A807590

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